Prescription Monitoring Program


The Illinois Department of Human Services Prescription Monitoring Program received funding from the Centers for Disease Controls Prescription Drug Overdose Prevent for States grant and subcontracted with the CRHSSD to target activities in the 16 southern Illinois Delta Counties. The CRHSSD will assist the PMP to 1) enhance and maximize the PMP by moving toward universal registration, increase ease of PMP use and access by medical providers, pharmacy “real-time” reporting, transition to a 5-5-6 threshold for unsolicited reporting to providers, and use of county and zip code level PMP data for public health surveillance and dissemination; and 2) implement community or insurer/health system interventions by identifying and providing technical assistance to high-burden communities and implement opioid objectives across the collaborating health departments, facilitating communications between DHS-PMP and the participating Health departments, and developing future activities.