CRHSSD Background

Our History

Photo provided by Special Collections Research Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

In 1988 the Southern Illinois University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research guided and supported a task force for the creation of a Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development. This task force was an interdisciplinary group of SIUC faculty and staff in partnership with an inter-agency group of regional health and social service leaders.

The task force was created so members could help explore the formulation of a research and service center to meet the needs being expressed by the Governor’s Office, the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, and the Lt. Governor’s Rural Health Task Force.

The CRHSSD was originally assigned to the Executive Director of Economic and Regional Development. They were responsible for providing funding, staffing, and administrative direction for The Center. With those three things in place, a formal approval would be submitted to the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), which awarded CRHSSD with temporary approval in 1991. A formal review and New Program Request followed in 2012.

In 2012, after a second program review, recommendations were made to align The Center with an academic unit within the University. March of 2013 saw The CRHSSD assigned to the SIU School of Medicine.

Our Focus

While the key focus for The Center has always been to address health care and social service issues impacting the lives and productivity of citizens in our state and nation, the emphasis and mission of CRHSSD has changed over the years. Those changes have directly reflected the planning and needs assessments of its service area, along with input from the advisory board.

Photo provided by the Special Collections Research Center, Southern Illinois University

Our current vision, mission, and values have positioned The Center for its role in the next decade and beyond.*

* All information for this background was taken from two documents:
1996 SIUC CRHSSD New Program Request
2001-2002 & 2011-2012 CRHSSD Program Reviews